Install GraphQL Architect For Neo4j Desktop

Install Using The Graphs Apps Gallery

GraphQL Architect screenshot

GraphQL Architect is a Graph App for Neo4j Desktop. That means you’ll first need to have Neo4j Desktop installed, which you can download here. Neo4j Desktop allows you to manage multiple Neo4j projects, install Neo4j DBMSs, work with remote databases, install and launch Graph Apps, and much more. Think of Neo4j Desktop as “Mission Control” for working with Neo4j.

GraphQL Architect screenshot

Once you have Neo4j Desktop installed, open the Graph Apps Gallery and look for Graph Architect in the list of apps available. Just click on the “Install” button and you’ll be ready to start using GraphQL Architect!

Getting Started With GraphQL Architect

Once you’ve installed GraphQL Architect and have a Neo4j database running, select the “Open” drop-down for the database you’d like to use and select “GraphQL Architect”. You can use GraphQL Architect with Neo4j 3.x or 4.x instances.

This will open the GraphQL Architect application in a new window. You may be prompted to install the APOC standard library for Neo4j if you don’t already have it installed. APOC is a dependency of the neo4j-graphql.js library used for generating database queries from GraphQL.

GraphQL Architect screenshot