Getting Started With GRANDstack

Build full stack graph applications with ease.


The simplest way to create a GRANDstack application is to use the GRANDstack starter by running this command

npx create-grandstack-app myapp

where myapp is the name of the application to be created. You can also use the GraphQL Architect low-code tool with Neo4j Desktop to create GraphQL APIs backed by Neo4j without writing any code.

What is GRANDstack?

GRANDstack is a combination of technologies that work together to enable developers to build data intensive full stack applications. The components of GRANDstack are:

  • GraphQL - A new paradigm for building APIs, GraphQL is a way of describing data and enabling clients to query it.
  • React - A JavaScript library for building component based reusable user interfaces.
  • Apollo - A suite of tools that work together to create great GraphQL workflows.
  • Neo4j Database - The native graph database that allows you to model, store, and query your data the same way you think about it: as a graph.

Here's how it all fits together in the context of a movie search app:

GRANDstack Architecture


See the resources page for links to tutorials, videos, presentations and code samples.